TP-LINK KP105 Priza Wi-Fi Slim Kasa Smart

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61.48 lei (cu TVA)


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307.46 lei (cu TVA)

Ubiquiti Instant Gigabit Adapter, Outdoor - 48V 802.3af (In:48V; Out: 24V, 0.5A)

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87.09 lei (cu TVA)


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98.68 lei (cu TVA)

Adaptor Ubiquiti INS‑8023AF‑I PoE Pentru interior, 48V In, 18V/0.7A out

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25.43 lei (cu TVA)

Adaptor TP-LINK Mini smart WI-FI socket

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57.11 lei (cu TVA)

Adaptor pasiv Ubiquiti PoE-48 EU, 48V 0.5A, protectie sol/ESD, 24W

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50.43 lei (cu TVA)

Kit Adaptor Powerline TP-LINK TL-PA4010, Ethernet 500Mbps, Ultra compact

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143.84 lei (cu TVA)

Adaptor Ubiquiti PoE POE-24-24W, Fast Ethernet LAN Port

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Ubiquiti PoE-24G Passive PoE Adapter EU, 24V 0.5A, ESD prot, 12W, Gigagbit Eth.

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Ubiquiti ETH-SP Gen 2 Ethernet Surge Protector - Data Line Protection (PoE)

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Ubiquiti POE-50 Gigabit Ethernet airFiber PoE 50V, 1,2A, 60W

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71.31 lei (cu TVA)

Adaptor pasiv Ubiquiti PoE-15 Passive EU, 15V 0.8A, grounding/ESD protection, 12W

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34.41 lei (cu TVA)

Adaptor pasiv, Ubiquiti PoE-24 EU, 24V 0.5A, grounding/ESD protection, 12W

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Adaptor retea ASSMANN Digitus AT-AG CX2, 1x RJ-45 Male - 2x RJ-45 Female, 0.19m, culoare Alb

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13.72 lei (cu TVA)

Mikrotik 5VPOW 5V 1A power supply with microUSB for hAP mini, hAP lite, cAP lite

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30.16 lei (cu TVA)

Mikrotik 48V2A96W 48V 2A 96W Power Adapter + Power plug

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160.46 lei (cu TVA)

IcyBox USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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99.05 lei (cu TVA)

Mikrotik 18POW 24V 0.8A power supply

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29.56 lei (cu TVA)

MikroTik Adaptor 24V 1.6A 24HPOW

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70.70 lei (cu TVA)

Gembird UTP passive POE adapter kit, 0.15m

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